Parents, Guardians and Family Members , come out and join us for our Annual Curriculum Night at Brooklyn Collegiate Preparatory High School on September 28th, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

    You will have the opportunity to meet your child's teachers, administration and various academic and social programs offered by the school.


    Please contact the Parent Coordinator, S. Rambhjan, for any further information at srambhajan@schools.nyc.gov or the school at 718.922.1145

    Brooklyn Collegiate - A College Board School

Greg Lew

9th Grade

Email: GLew2@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 440b

Telephone: (718) 922. 4401

Kelly Morrin

10th Grade

Email: KMorrin@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 440b

Telephone: (718) 922. 4401

Winifred Lyte-Reynolds

(Lead Guidance Counselor)

11th Grade

Email: WLyteRe@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 414

Telephone: (718) 922.4143

Steve Reme

12th Grade

Email: SReme@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 404

Telephone: (718) 922.4142

Vanessa Cox

11th Grade 

Email: Vcox@school.nyc.gov

Room: 414

Telephone: (718) 922.4143