About BC

Brooklyn Collegiate was designed to promote a healthy and positive learning environment. Upholding the standards of both The New York City Department of Education and The College Board, enables for an enriched; learning, social and communal school culture. Leadership strives constantly to enhance the already robust scholarship of students with programs such as Brooklyn College TRIO, LOT (Leaders of Tomorrow) and numerous academic supportive programs to ensure urban scholars not only have the foundation to succeed in high school, but to gain access to higher education and beyond.

Brooklyn Collegiate endeavors to create an inclusive socio-cultural atmosphere which not only promotes the best learning surroundings, but adheres to the needs of its students. Program partners such as SASF and Counseling in Schools, empowers scholars to be better citizens not only in school but within their communities. In this small school structure, scholars engage in numerous social activities to support mental, emotional, and physical health. Counseling in Schools creates a qualified safe space for students to express themselves, while gaining familial help to connect students and families to services outside of school. The Single Shepard initiative gives students one guidance counselor, creating a positive rapport and one single counselor throughout their high school academic career.