Dear Parents and Incoming Freshman,

    Please be advised due to inclement weather, the Freshman Orientation has been postponed from Monday, June 19th, 2017 to Thursday June 22nd, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

    Brooklyn Collegiate - A College Board School
  • Upcoming Events

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Please refer to the school's online calendar for important upcoming events and dates. The Regents schedule is posted to the calendar. Students, please make sure to stay abreast with your guidance counselor regarding tickets* needed for the exams you will need to take during the Regents examination period. Parents please make sure your child attends any and all regents prep study groups the school is offering.

    Brooklyn Collegiate - A College Board School
  • Summer Bridge Program

    Parents sign your children up here for the Summer Bridge Program here at Brooklyn Collegiate.

    Follow the link to fill out your application.



    Brooklyn Collegiate - A College Board School

Susan Rambhajan

Parent Coordinator

Room: Main Office

Email: SRambhajan@schools.nyc.gov

Phone: (718). 922. 1071 or 1072

David Legree

Dean of Students

Room: 434


Phone: (718). 922.4342

Lana Peterkin-Creese

Community Assistant

Room: Main Office

Email: LPeterkincreese@schools.nyc.gov


Sabrina Leneau

Family Para/ Attendance Teacher

Room: Main Office

Email: SLeneau@schools.nyc.gov

Phone: Contact Main Office

Ayanna Nash

School Aide/Student Metro Cards/ Lunch Forms

Room: Main Office

Email: ANash@schools.nyc.gov

Rosana Shields

Community Schools Director

Room: 101

Phone: (646). 771.3532

*Please contact Ms. Shields for all Counseling in Schools related programs including After School programs and Counseling services.*

Gloria Smith

School Business Manager/ Assistant Athletic Director

Email: GSmith2@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 111