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    SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program) is Hiring!  Ages 14-24

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    *Please make sure you contact Ms. Rambhajan for your working papers*

    Brooklyn Collegiate - A College Board School

Ms. Tammy Glen

Content Specialty: English Language Arts

AP Literature and Composition/English Language Arts (10th&12th)/Research & Inquiry

Email: TGlen@brooklyncollegiate.net

Room: 427



Mr. Nocerino

Content Speciality: English Language Arts 

Advanced Placement Seminar 10th Grade/ English Language Arts 11th Grade 

Email: ANoceri@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 421

Ms. Fletcher

Content Specialty: English Language Arts

English Language Arts (10th & 12th)

Email: VFletcher2@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 425

Ms. Ertrachter

Content Specialty: Special Education in English Language Arts

Instructional Support Services/ Special Education Teacher Support Services/ English Language Arts

Email: KErtrachter@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 420

Mr. Connor

Content Specialty: Special Education in Mathematics

Boys Varsity Coach

Instructional Support Services/Special Education Teacher Support Services /Mathematics

Email: MConnor@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 442b

Mr. Houck

Content Specialty: Mathematic Principles

Advanced Placement Calculus/ Advanced Placement Statistics

Programming/ Testing (Room 414b)

Email: KHouck@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 438

Mr. John

Content Specialty: Mathematics

Mathematics Education

Email: TJohn9@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 447

Ms. Lewis

Content Specialty: Mathematics

Mathematics Education

Email: NLewis7@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 451

Ms. Macklin-Nordt

Content Specialty: Mathematics

Mathematics Education

Email: KMacklinnordt@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 419

Mr. Frederic

Content Specialty: Biological Principles

Science/ Biology/ Advanced Placement Biology

Email: PFrederic@schools.nyc.gov


Ms. John

Science-Living Environment

Email: TJohn5@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 418

Ms. Maccabee

Science/ Advanced Placement Chemistry/ Forensics

Email: PMaccabee@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 433

Mr. Pierre- Louis

Science (Health)/ Social Studies (Global)

Email: GPierre-Louis@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 438

Ms. Desir

English Second Language (ESL)

Email: GDesir@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 419

Mr. Latham

Dean of Students (Room 434)

Advanced Placement Global Studies/Global Studies

Email: GLatham@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 415

Mr. Levine

Global History

Email: ALevine@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 417

Ms. Quinn

Advanced Placement U.S. History/ Participation In Government/ Robotics

Email: VGottlieb@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 412

Ms. Robins

U.S. History/ Government & Economics

Email: SRobins@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 411

Ms. Smith-Brown

Global Studies

Email: CSmithbrown@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 453

Ms. McKeon

Physical Education (GYM)

Email: GMcKeon@schools.nyc.gov

Room: Gymnasium 

Mr. Lopez


Email: JLopez38@schools.nyc.gov

Room: 403

Dr. Hoyte

AIM (Academics In Motion)


Room: 445b